Women in STEAM

Since 2012 I’m involved in programming workshops for children and adolescents and have an active role in bridging the gender gap in STEM fields. Here I share with you some of these initiatives and presentations on the subject.

The M.A.F.A.L.D.A. project (Meninas na químicA, Física e engenhariA para Liderar o Desenvolvimento em ciênciA) was designed to encourage high schools girls in public schools to pursue careers in STEM.

I was invited by the project leaders to talk to these girls about my career (September 12th, 2020).

I was a guest on this Talk Show with professionals working in Artificial Intelligence, aiming to encourage the female audience in the possibilities of action for the development of Artificial Intelligence. It was organized by Campinas Tech and broadcasted live on October 21th, 2020.

In 2016 I had the privilege to work with two colleagues, Prof. Paula Paro Costa and Prof. Tiago Tavares, offering workshops for high school students. The project was called “From electronics to computers: it is not magic, it is science!”. The workshops took place at Unicamp and received more than 250 students.

Medical Imaging and Artificial Intelligence

Interview on TV about our method to detect and segment White Matter Hyperintesities on brain MRI (May 15th, 2017)

I was invited to this Talk Show to discuss the challenges and the opportunities for the biomedical Engineer, specially in the field of Medical Imaging (June 25th, 2020).